Barclays Proof Of Address Tenancy Agreement

If you have just landed in the UK and are looking for a job, you probably don`t have your own address. Now this can have several effects, but the worst of all is not able to open a bank account without proof of the address. After all, it is not easy to be able to afford your own place in the UK, even on the basis of rent. Since you do not have a credit history or proof of address in the UK, you can hinder efforts to create a new current account, which is often required for your employer to pay your wages and connection for social benefits. People often think that opening a bank account in Britain is difficult because you need a lot of documents, for example to prove your identity and address. While a British citizen and any foreign resident with a British residence address and mobile phone number can open an account in the Barclays app, some foreigners are limited to other options. During the application process, you must enter the usual personal data such as your name, address, phone number, etc. Some documents are also requested. In the UK, banks require an identity card and address as part of the process of opening a bank account. It is the same in many other countries around the world, and must help banks ensure that the open account is not linked to any illegal activity. Barclays may accept other documents in very narrow circumstances.

If you don`t have bills or leases on your behalf because you live with your family. B, you may be able to file an introductory letter from your parent or legal guardian as long as you are also a Barclays customer1. For other types of accounts, only two types of documents are required. One document should prove your identity, while another document proves your British address (you cannot use the same document twice). I did try the «Engineered Way» mentioned here, but neither bank would accept it as valid, because their requirements made it clear that they needed both a sorting code and an account number. The sorting code corresponds to the routing number (at least in the United States). My account statement (from a U.S. bank) contained only one account number. It was therefore not a valid statement of account that they would accept as valid proof of address. Their requirements are that they need a bank statement, but expressly from the UK, to be precise (due to the need for it to have the sorting code). Open it from our home country.

I went to Travelex and they were able to open an account at HSBC in the UK from New Zealand with my NZ address. Then, six weeks later, I was able to retrieve my card on HSBC Regent Street in London. Of course, this requires forward-looking planning and it is too late if you are already in Britain. Before a bank can leave you an account, they must be able to trust that you are the one you say you are. Banks generally accept as proof of your identity, things like: Barclays Bank has a list of acceptable forms of proof of address, which can vary between different types of account. For example, if you live in the EU but do not yet have a UK resident, you can open a simple bank account that will prove your address in Europe. However, for most accounts, you must reside in the UK and be able to prove your home address from a list of acceptable documents. In my own experience, banks need proof of address. The question is, what better alternative than proof of address other than an account statement? Some banks would accept a letter from the employer as proof as long as the letter is addressed to your address.