Amex Corporate Card Agreement

Paul`s company recently decided to use a corporate account at American Express. Paul can`t see any use for him, and he`s afraid of being responsible if the business sinks. The McGill University American Express Card (Amex Card) is a university-selected loading card that is awarded to authorized individuals who may inculant travel or other costs related to the performance of university business. ANSWER: They are not from the ground up at all. It happens all the time. If you sign an American Express corporate card, you sign a personal responsibility – a liability on behalf. I would never do that. I think you have a legitimate concern. I think it`s a suicide to do that. Just tell them to put your spending against your card over and over again. Cash advances can be obtained through the Express Cash Program. Amex cardholders receive a personal identification number (PIN) that allows direct access to cash through ATMs.

American Express will suspend all rights to outstanding accounts for 60 days. The waiver of liability is invoked by McGill University and the card is cancelled. All precautions must be taken by the cardholder to maintain the security and confidentiality of loading card information (card number and expiry date) that should not be accessible to persons other than the cardholder. QUESTION: Paul in Chicago uses personal credit cards to pay for business expenses. His company recently decided to switch to a corporate account at American Express, and they want to access the account to see his expenses. They`re paying him back. Paul can`t see any use for him, and he`s afraid of being responsible if the business sinks. The Amex card is issued in the name of the employee and the university. The cardholder whose name appears on the card is the only person authorized to use it. A tax of $1.00 per transaction plus 2% of the withdrawal amount is charged to the cardholder.

Transaction fees are individual liability and are not reimbursed by the university. The agreement between McGill University and American Express provides that McGill is jointly liable with the cardholder for all costs incurred by the cardholder, unless: you sign the liability and I have seen that they go over the entire account. It`s like you`re a business agent. I think it`s a scam. I`ve been trashing AmEx on it for years. You can view it online and read your agreement. It`s inside. When you start reading the chord word for word, it will appear. We put it back up a few years ago, we did it and we found it in it. This is what is published on their website as your member card agreement on a business card.

It shows you`re responsible. It just shows that you`re responsible for the account. It`s as simple as that. There is no need to say «and others.» All he has to do is simply say that you are responsible on the account. There is no limit to your personal expenses.