Accent Housing Tenancy Agreement

If you spent some time as a start-up tenant in another housing company, you may be able to transfer that. Start-up rent may be available to new tenants of housing co-ops. These usually last 12 months and are like a «sample» period. The housing company, a founding member of the consortium, is consolidating the number of contracts it holds next year from 55 to 5. There are different types of housing company leases, and you need to know what type of agreement you have. Find your agreement and read it carefully: you can learn more about the types of rentals at: you will probably be an introductory tenant if you have spent less than 12 months at the housing company. This first year, you cannot buy your home, exchange your home or request a transfer. Your rights and obligations depend on the type of rental you have. The Accent Group, which owns and manages more than 20,500 households in the UK, estimates that the program will save a total of $22 million as housing companies try to save money and offer cheap value for money. If you use benefits or have low incomes, you may be eligible for a housing allowance to help pay the rent. You should ask Shelter for advice and advice: You focus on helping you when you need it most. Most insured tenants in the housing company pay what is called social rent or affordable rent, usually set annually by the landlord.

It should be less than what you could pay a private owner for the same type of property. This is a trial rent; It is similar to a secure short rental contract and gives you the same rights. You have fewer eviction rights and, after an initial delay, your contract should become a secure tenancy agreement, unless the housing company tries to evict you. The right to acquire allows most tenants of housing companies to buy their home with a discount. To learn more: The housing company must try to get an agreement with you to pay back arrears so that you are judged. Your rent should always be your number one financial priority: as far as possible, always budget to make sure you can pay it on time. If you are in trouble, contact your housing company immediately, even if you have other debts. Be sure to explain your difficulties to the housing company.

Your rent cannot be increased during a starting tenancy agreement, unless you have agreed, z.B. when signing the contract. After 12 months, you will probably become a safe tenant.